Genetic counseling in South Africa – Interview with a panel of Genetic counselors

University of Witwatersrand

Johannesburg,South Africa

As most of my viewers might be aware, I had begun working on a new project where I aim to speak with Genetic counselors around the world. I believe this will give everyone a good overview of how varied genetic counseling is around the globe. What are the major differences, how is the approach towards this profession. Also I strongly feel that exploring genetic counseling around will help us learn new skills and techniques that each country/culture adapts.

I am greatful and thankful to all the members of genetic counselling department at University of Witwatersrand, who have given their precious time and inputs to this project of mine.

I hope you all will find this interview insightful and will learn something new out of it. Thank you Monica, Barry, Merlyn and Bianca for this amazing session with me.

Do write comments if you found this insightful, if anything stood out or was surprising!! For those who are applying for upcoming intake, Good Luck 💐 we are always one step closer to our goal. For those who started their journey to Masters this fall, congratulations🥂

Learning and evolving through this journey of genetic counseling. Stay tuned, for next interview with a Genetic counselor all the way from India !!

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