Interview with a Genetic Counselor – Dr. Mona Saleh ( BSc FHGSA (GC) PhD.

Currently, Assistant Professor at United Arab Emirates University.

” One of the questions I have as I am designing a Masters in Genetic Counseling program now: what did Genetic Counselors wish they had learnt earlier on in their careers?” – Dr Mona Saleh

Welcome all to Interview no 4 with Mona Saleh, Genetic Counselor from Australasia.

Interactive session with a Genetic Counselor – Mona Saleh

Mona trained as a scientist before turning her interest to genetic counselling. She completed her Human Genetics Society of Australasia Fellowship in genetic counselling in 2000. As a genetic counselor, she has worked with individuals and families in a variety of settings including prenatal, adult onset conditions and pediatric genetics.

Mona has successfully combined her love of genetic counselling and education to work as the Program Leader and Senior Genetic Counselor for NSW Health and the University of Sydney. She has provided education to undergraduates, post graduates, professionals and community groups.

Her research interests include communication and the impact genetics can have on individuals from all walks of life. She completed her Doctoral Thesis at UNSW (University of New South Wales) on the topic of Cancer, Culture and Genetics. She currently works as an Assistant Professor at United Arab Emirates University.

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  1. i took notes here! Thank you Mona for sharing the communication aspects and the empathic aspects of being a GC. After i have listened to you, i am sure it must be an absolutely humbling feeling to be there for your patients in their difficult times, listening well and guiding them through the decisions they need to take; in addition to reassuring them that they are doing the right thing and everything they can for their affected child or even for themselves.
    One thing i wish i knew earlier is this—i wish i had heard about this field of profession much earlier! And i wish there was a Standardized Patient Encounter Program (like in the US) in my masters degree in India so that i knew how to listen well, interact and communicate with with my clients.
    This was great. Thanks Disha!


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