Interview With a Genetic Counselor: Amy Pearn (Perth, WA)

Amy has been providing cancer genetic services to the public since 2005. She has a Masters in Genetic Counselling from the University of Newcastle, Australia, and is a Certified Genetic Counselor with the Human Genetics Society of Australasia (HGSA) and the Canadian Association of Genetic Counselors (CAGC). She has worked in public health, research, laboratory and consultative genetic counselling roles in Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia. She is a versatile genetic counselor with a specific interest in cancer genetics. 

She runs her private practice: The Gene Council in Perth, WA and majorly provides telehealth genetic counseling (telegenetics) services to patients and clients from across Australia. She goes on to speak on her views and experience as telehealth GC, on cancer genetic counseling and also on her roller-coaster journey to becoming a certified GC in more than one country and ultimately to starting her own practice.

Interview with Amy Pearn, certified Genetic counselor practicing in Perth, Western Australia.

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