Interview with a Genetic Counselor – Erica Pai (MS, CGC, CCGC)

Erica Pai, MS, CGC, CCGC, completed her Bachelors of Science Honours degree in Life Sciences at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON, Canada. Following graduation, she worked in northern Japan for three years on the Japanese-government sponsored Japan Exchange and Teaching Program. The skills developed working in a team-teaching environment, simplifying and explaining concepts, and working with interpreters, were all put to use through her Masters of Science in Genetic Counseling training program at Northwestern University.

Erica entered the ART field in November 2016 as the sole Canada-based genetic counsellor for Genesis Genetics, now part of Cooper Surgical Fertility and Genomics Solutions (Cooper Genomics). After three years of counselling about PGT, liaising between patients, clinics, and laboratory, and supporting the Canadian genomics team, she transitioned to a more comprehensive role on the International & Operational team, where her new primary responsibility is providing support to Cooper Genomics’ overseas laboratories and patients, in addition to assisting with Clinical Quality Control activities.

Erica now enjoys speaking at local fertility clinics and genetics centers about PGT testing to increase awareness and understanding in her field.

Interview with Erica Pai (Canadian board certified and American Board Certified Genetic Counselor)

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