Summary Part 1 of my interview process at University of Technology,Sydney, Australia

As promised I have finally given a brief summary of Pre- prep for Interview and also what my 15 minute zoom interview comprised of with UTS, Sydney.

  • I had received an email confirming being selected to the interview stage and was given the flexibility of choosing my interview date from a list of one or two dates and different times.
  • I choose to go for the first available date as I had waited long for this day and didn’t want to take much time preparing. I knew I was ready and sometimes its important to reflect on self and how well you’ve really prepared, rather than over questioning or doubting yourself. Also the fact was a week apart or few days later date wouldn’t realistically make a huge difference. However, this is my own view after a year long preparation.
  • Also I was confident on selecting the interview date as I had already scheduled for Interview preparation session with Shannon at “The Applicants Utility Guide” (profile on Instagram and Twitter). Shannon as most of you know provides services pertaining to grad application prep and is kind enough to provide extended sessions and flexibility in terms of time commitment as well. I had scheduled for a two hour interview prep with her which we then split into two different sessions.
  • In our first session, Shannon made me practice on speaking about my personal objectives on various aspects of:
  • Why genetic counseling?,
  • What genetic counseling means to me?,
  • discussing on my strengths and weaknesses,
  • doing some scenario based questions
  • reflective writing questions
  • We then scheduled a second session which was just one day before my interview day and was solely to do at least 3 mock interviews each timed for 15 minutes. It was a very formal interview where we role played and did these mock interviews.
  • These two sessions did give me loads and heaps of confidence and peace and helped me reflect on my answers, tone, scope for improvement and on the day of interview I knew i was absolutely ready.
  • Apart from the sessions above, I had also done 12 month prep on building my networking skills with Genetic counselors around, aspiring students and current students. Seeking for resources on Genetic counseling from various sources and platforms but also providing resources that I would become aware of to others in my community of GC.
  • I had spoken to several Genetic counselors and asked all sorts of doubts even the once that probably seemed silly yet it is essential to remember that no one is going to judge you and that it is best to ask your doubts than to let them sprout.

Format of my interview:

  1. Time: The interview would be for 15 minutes.
  2. Interviewers: There were two panel members(faculty of the course) to conduct the interview.
  3. Pattern: They asked me 3 questions. (one scenario and often the trickiest one in all their interviews similar to my last years attempt )
  4. Reflective writing: At the end of the interview, I had to do a reflective writing on a word document covering on a few aspects of the interview and submit it within 20 minutes of finishing the interview.

Hope all the aspiring applicants found this useful and for anyone who would like to do a bit of reflective practice and would like a friend like support from a current student, do reach out to Shannon as she for sure played a huge role in supporting me throughout my application process.

As someone once said: “Sometimes all it takes is to know a perspective from the other side and a friend to show you your best attributes” Don’t be shy or afraid to seek support and help if you feel the need for.

I would love to hear from you all if you would be interested to do a detailed session with me on the Interview process (PART 2) as a whole, covering aspects such as questions i was asked, reflective writing and what its format was like and maybe do a Q& A in the end.

Do send your comments and answers as a YES or NO either here on my blog or on Instagram.

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