Interview with Arun Kiran P (Genetic Counselor)

Arun Kiran P is the Lead Genetic Counselor at Prenetics Ltd, based in Hong Kong. He has expertise in hereditary cancer conditions, inherited family planning conditions, prenatal genetic testing and other genetically driven health conditions etc.

He received his Master degree in Human Genetics and bachelors in Applied Genetics. He is actively involved in the product development and providing genetic counselling services for clinical cases as well as direct to consumer product “CircleDNA”.  (

Before joining Prenetics, he worked in several clinical genetic testing companies based out in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and other cities across India.

He is actively involved in increasing the awareness of genetic testing, its utility for the general public on prevention and how to mitigate the associated risk factors.

In this interview he goes on to discuss the importance of being open to advances and changes in genetics & technology as a genetic counselor. He also explains how it is not just important to be aware of psychological skills but also equally important to understand the technical skills required to become a genetic counselor.

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