Resource Highlight

Resource Highlight

Hello Guys, it’s been long since my last article. Today, on spotlight is a resource website that I found very useful to brush my knowledge and basics on Genetics, genetic counseling and also staying updated with latest topics and articles related to Genetics and health.

For the ones who have already guessed from the header image this is the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention”.

Their website has vast and broad variety of information related to health and genetics and I really loved the amount of emphasis their website pays to genetics and Genetic counseling.

Below I have included a few snaps from their website which also shows their website address on top and the navigation menu on the left hand side of the image. Hope you all find this useful for the application and interview times:


website link
On the same page as above, if you scroll down you will also find below image details of other resource websites and links to the same:


STEP 3 : GENOMICS & PRECISION HEALTHGenetic Counseling and Testing

Now this section has a few sub sections which perhaps is more specifically tailored to genetic counseling:

STEP 4: GENOMICS & PRECISION HEALTHGenomics and Health Topics

This is an interesting section again where you will find information and resources related to various genetic conditions, diseases and lots and lots more of data. I find myself being updated with current research by visiting this section frequently:

I hope this article was informative and I will be working on including more such articles on my blog on a regular basis. Do let me know if you have any suggestions or any content you would like to see in specific 🙂

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